Monthly Archives: October 2009


Our new album is finally ready!  Six songs, thirty minutes: Tempo Temporal. To celebrate we’re giving away a song for download. It’s called Resonance Alright and it’s one of our favorites. Click below:

preview “Resonance Alright”


You can hear the entire release on our Myspace page or get one from us in person if we’re coming through your town in the coming weeks.

A few people have really gone the extra mile to help us make this self-release possible with our limited means. Mike Wright engineered five of the six songs, threw in great ideas and let us eat all of his sunflower seeds. We recorded them at New Street Studio where our practice space shares a roof with his studio and the practice space of the Black Lips. We are working on a cosmic hotspot (made entirely of cables and cigarette butts). Graham Marsh mixed four of the songs and recorded one of them at his studio behind the Crue-famous Tattletales and the bleach soaked private rooms of Cheshire Bridge Road. Jaguzzi?! It was our first time working with him and it was a blast. Graham is the master of addition-by-subtraction and many of the little things he did greatly enhanced the songs. Deisha Oliver came by and threw on some outrageous noise for a few songs with her cello. Leticia Arioli duets on Dials and really knocked us out with her sweet voice. And we were lucky enough to be in the studio when Miss Adron returned to the A after her stint in NYC. All we had to do is hit record on Resonance Alright and she knew exactly what to do, in perfect pitch. We are very lucky to have such talented and helpful friends. Thanks ya’ll.

And a very special thanks to beautiful Julia Kubica for helping me focus & get all the files together & tie up all loose ends. Couldn’t do it without you.