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Selmanaires’ Aphorisms

  • Hidden ash is a larger and much better film.
  • Hidden borders admit the deadliest dancers.
  • You cook just to eat the grill.
  • Heaven is only a boiled election.
  • Friendly deaths ease tensions of the back.
  • Unhappiness is the author of fantastic airplanes.
  • Pebbles turn into waterfalls.
  • The public hemline moves so casually that a guide to the golden game is useless.

TT Two

Two aspects working together in a song:

TEMPO, rhythm, repetition: The elevation of the mundane by the use of markers in time. By taking possession of time it stands still and becomes bulbous. resonant. radiant.

TEMPORAL, transient, narrative: without the temporal events that occur on top, below, inside, and throughout the rhythm/tempo, it would sooner or later become mundane itself. A bird sings, a car passes, a plate breaks. Trances fluctuate and everybody loves a good story.

The tempo without the temporal becomes an exercise in will.

The temporal without the tempo becomes an eye gazing only at itself.

All tempo is temporal, and when we look back we see that the temporal has a tempo.

Sonchai Mekhwichian

Sonchai Mekhwichian

Today we bring you songs by the Thai singer SONCHAI MEKHWICHIAN from his album On Chan. Powerful, driving tunes mixed with pretty ballads. My favorites are “Siang So Sang Sao” and “Sao Yu Ban Dai.” Sonchai has a very nice voice, in a higher register like that of a songbird. A very special thanks to Peter who writes the MONRAKPLENGTHAI blog for his generous assistance in transliteration of the name and titles of the cassette. Check out his attractive and informative blog.

preview “Siang So Sang Sao”


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