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the arc of a line can be produced digitally, only with a

different skeleton.

it depends on what you are after.

waves v. numbers: analog v. digital.

waves have pretty mothers, but heavy luggage.

numbers are interesting, but never laugh (unless told to).

neither are exclusive.

both have specific charms.

i’m a little afraid of the death of the tungsten bulb.

(In celebration of our continued endeavors/frustrations with half-broken tape machines & the ever-so-slightly-out-of-reach expense of digital devices I’m reposting this ‘lil thought on the two from the blog of our old record label. )

Prakaiphet Sonhong

Ah, the warmth is finally here, windows are opening, the trees are exploding and the girls are sprouting legs…but wait a second, NOT TOO FAST NOW. Ease on in, and to help you do so here are ten selections from Prakaiphet Sonhong’s album Rung Chaeng Saeng Thong. This is some seriously deep Thai country music, complete with yodeling, some funky drumming (cham chak nang), horns aplenty, and swaying rhythms that send your head bobbing off of its stand and into the ether (sao na ya ba krung & nak phleng khat rak). Check it out below.

Thank you to Peter over at MONRAKPLENGTHAI blog for his assistance in the transliteration of the titles of the cassette. Do yourself a favor and visit his site!

preview the song  “Sao Na Ya Ba Krung

download  Rung Chaeng Saeng Thong by Prakaiphet Sonhong

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