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AUTHENLECTRICITY b/w WindTruStar free single!


preview WindTruStar

download the AUTHENLECTRICITY/ WindTruStar single for free!

Recorded by Cyrus Shahmir

Mastered by Colin Leonard



Safety valves have disengaged/ Turn the, turn the, turn the page

Motors once were all the rage/ Before our nervous system left it’s cage

Into wires, into commerce, into history

Every minute, every hour, AUTHENLECTRICITY


We are pastiche/ Outmode, source code, security breach

To what we cling, brings to, to the beach/ The saturation of time

To the leisure, to the head count, to the factory

Every minute, every hour, AUTHENLECTRICITY



All night fountains calling out

All I want is to pour out



the flame needs dark for it to shine
let’s take a walk through full moon light

and when the forces that
follow behind, ever remind
soft and hard, electric charge for windtrustar
shock and awe, it makes the walls fall
and when your small

to contemplate, impossible
paradox, wind and the rocks
sleep and thaw, it melts the hard thoughts of true cause
sprint or crawl, you won’t get far
and when you fall

WindTruStar also appears on a compilation recently released on Denmark Records out of North Carolina. It features electronic music acts from the all over the SouthEast and is available for free here. Check it out!

‘SINISTER SEASON/ B SPELL’ 45 Release show Wednesday Sept 29th @ THE EARL

Next Wednesday we celebrate the release of our new 7″ on Double Phantom Records with Garotas Suecas from Sao Paulo, Brazil & Cheap Time from Nashville along with DJ Jared Swilley (of the Black Lips). Lots of HumpDay fun at the EARL, don’t miss it!

Purchase advance tix here!

Get a copy of the record here or at the show!

Available digitally raht here.

Cover art by Allen Taylor

PurgeATL Launch Party!!!

Join us for the PurgeATL Launch Party this Sunday, August 1st at the EARL with the Coathangers and Sealions!

(photos by Tim Song)

An Animated Shadow

AN ANIMATED SHADOW contains three songs recorded in our ramshackle home studio. REVE is an experiment with synthesized voices, Russian syllables & space harmonies. THROUGH NOW ADRIFT is a breath, a mist. TOOF is an accidentally supreme beat. A free download for you!

preview REVE


preview TOOF


June TOUR Dates!

All shows are with CARNIVORES!!!

JUNE 3– Thursday- The EARL Atlanta, GA   w/ Adron

JUNE 8– Tuesday- The NIGHTLIGHTChapel Hill, NC   w/ Birds of Avalon

JUNE 9– Wednesday- KUNG-FU NECKTIEPhiladelphia, PA   w/ Grandchildren

JUNE 10– Thursday- LIVE WITH ANIMALS– Brooklyn, NY   w/ Tulipss, Haunted Boots

JUNE 12– Saturday- DEATH BY AUDIOBrooklyn, NY

JUNE 13– Sunday-  BRUAR FALLS Brooklyn, NY   w/ The Girls at Dawn

JUNE 14– Monday- THE ANNEX– Baltimore, MD

JUNE 15– Tuesday- SNUG HARBOR – Charlotte, NC

We’re heading out on a week-long tour with our friends and fellow Atlantans CARNIVORES! This time around we’ll be a five piece, augmented by the lovely vocals of ADRON. Hope to see ya there!


resulting from an interior anguish (clutching)

that many of our assumptions

and frameworks are

becoming invalid.

but, eh, as they say “with every loss comes a gain.” turn the page on the combustion age.

Tempo Temporal Lyrics


Eyes you have seen all
Come back to the white chrysanthemum

(based on a poem from the Hyakunin Isshu)


This ornamental rug that i lay down on reflects the sky
Shades of color that mirror the vines
This ornamental rug that i lay down on keeps me warm

Eternal patterns blending with the transient experience

The chambers of the heavens and the living multiply
They move in motions that are transcribed
The chambers of the heavens and the living things they multiply

Eternal patterns blending with the transient experience

Resonance alright


Above the icy creek/ Below the vague towering circuits
In nights of heirloom arms/ A hesitant appassionata we reel
Across a bridge/ Pulsating/ Pulsating with breath
Across a bridge/ Pulsating/ With the breath of your riddles I steal

Bells upon the streetlights/ And unexpected dials
That turn to the left/ We turn to the right
Two serpents entwined
I follow and then I lead/ I kiss and then I bite
Our steps become a filament of night
Alight/ Take off/ Mad soft poison for you

These dials are our controls/ They’re spinning round
And those bells are effigies/ Without a sound
The chatter of the birds/ It comes from high
Who has their hands on these/ Unexpected dials?

The vines are looking for a gap to wrap our thoughts
We squeeze so tight our knuckles white in knots
Across a bridge/ That quivers/ That quivers as if
Across a bridge/ That quivers/ As if it’s about to be caught

And these dials are our controls/ We’re spinning round
The language of our love/ Is tied and bound
What lingers on your tongue/ It tastes like wine
Who has their hands on these/ Unexpected dials?

With an elliptic touch/ We glow and unite
And at an eager word/ We crumble and collide
Compelled by hidden fires/ That don’t know why
Who has their hands on these…


You burst in
And demand
That all of the fans
Are turned off
Are turned off
Are turned off
The dust turns into walking storms

You’re spun from witch’s daughter
August you’re a mean, mean woman
(Although sometimes you can pretend)

Your children born of holes and corners
That feast upon the heat
The kingdom you watch over
Is filled with smugglers and thieves
All turned on
All turned on
All turned on

You’re gone as quickly as you came
You’re spun from witch’s daughter
You’re gone as quickly as you came
August you’re a mean, mean woman


So just give me a little sugar
And i’ll give you a little sand
Sprinkle into your palm and we’ll mix it with our hands
And we’ll build upon this vacant land

So just give me orchestrated color
And i’ll give you lines of marching bands
Sprinkle into your heart and project it if you can
And we’ll sing upon this vacant land


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the arc of a line can be produced digitally, only with a

different skeleton.

it depends on what you are after.

waves v. numbers: analog v. digital.

waves have pretty mothers, but heavy luggage.

numbers are interesting, but never laugh (unless told to).

neither are exclusive.

both have specific charms.

i’m a little afraid of the death of the tungsten bulb.

(In celebration of our continued endeavors/frustrations with half-broken tape machines & the ever-so-slightly-out-of-reach expense of digital devices I’m reposting this ‘lil thought on the two from the blog of our old record label. )

Prakaiphet Sonhong

Ah, the warmth is finally here, windows are opening, the trees are exploding and the girls are sprouting legs…but wait a second, NOT TOO FAST NOW. Ease on in, and to help you do so here are ten selections from Prakaiphet Sonhong’s album Rung Chaeng Saeng Thong. This is some seriously deep Thai country music, complete with yodeling, some funky drumming (cham chak nang), horns aplenty, and swaying rhythms that send your head bobbing off of its stand and into the ether (sao na ya ba krung & nak phleng khat rak). Check it out below.

Thank you to Peter over at MONRAKPLENGTHAI blog for his assistance in the transliteration of the titles of the cassette. Do yourself a favor and visit his site!

preview the song  “Sao Na Ya Ba Krung

download  Rung Chaeng Saeng Thong by Prakaiphet Sonhong

We will try our best to post only old records that are out-of-print and widely unavailable. If there is an objection to any of the content please contact us and it will be promptly removed. Thank you.