Dean & Leon- ‘Em Sigh/ Ghede (free single)

Utilizing unspoken waves of twin telepathy, Jason & Herb shed their first names to conjure rollerskating rinks and a Haitian god, joining forces with a horn section and harnessing the dual powers of destruction/ creation. With guest appearances by Ben Davis (sax/ flute on ‘Em Sigh), Derrick Lee (trumpet on ‘Em Sigh), and Mathis Hunter (percussion on Ghede). Recorded & mixed by Mike Wright, mastered by Colin Leopard. A free digital single for you!

preview “‘Em Sigh”

preview “Ghede”

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The Best of Ernesto Lecuona

Ernesto Lecuona (1895-1963) is considered by many to be one of Cuba’s greatest composers. Writing in a diverse range of forms, his style was broad, embracing the entire scale between moody/stormy pictures to lilting/strolling daydreams. “Andalucia (The Breeze & I)” is one of our favorites and The Selmanaires have covered it a few times, hopefully we’ll do a recording in the future. It was also a very popular song in the late 50’s/ early 60’s and there are many versions (check out one on the THRIFT STORE MUSIC mix here on the blog).

preview “Siboney”


This collection has six recordings made by Alfredo Munar, whom Lecuona called “…beyond doubt…the best interpreter of my music.” Percussion is by Candido & Lenny Calderon. Five pieces are performed by Ernesto Lecuona himself and there is an orchestral version of “Gitenerias”.

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Jason Dean & the Options- Snap the Drifts

Here is a collection of tape collages & chance experiments I came across while organizing my room. Click below for a download of “Snap the Drifts”. Enjoy!

preview “Fever Dream”

preview “Chancon No. 2”


Quick Canal w/ Laetitia Sadier- Live in Portland

We’re so happy that somebody captured what is quite possibly the highlight of our musical lives so far. When we learned a day beforehand that we’ld be performing this song with Laetita it came as quite a shock, though we were all secretly hoping that someday it might happen. In Portland that night we shared a stage with three of our musical heroes: Laetitia Sadier, Trish Keenan (of Broadcast during the song Walkabout), and Bradford. What a dream!

SPEND NEW YEAR’S EVE WITH US! …and Atlas Sound!! …and Supercluster!!!

This year we celebrate at the 40 Watt in Athens.

We’ll begin as The Selmanaires, followed by SUPERCLUSTER, a band that features Vanessa Hay from Pylon (!!!!) and Hannah Jones from one of our favorite Athens bands and buddies The New Sound Of Numbers. Closing the night (and opening the year) we’ll morph into the Atlas Sound with Bradford Cox.

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This is a peculiar 7″ from 1976. I don’t know a thing about it, and an internet search yielded no information. Side A is a parody newscast that is frighteningly accurate, considering the time it was made (Exxon oil spills, a pregnant man). Side B is the TunnelVision theme. If you know anything about this please get in touch. If not, enjoy “the best TV on TV!” (but hey, enough with the Polish jokes already!)


Selmanaires’ Aphorisms

  • Hidden ash is a larger and much better film.
  • Hidden borders admit the deadliest dancers.
  • You cook just to eat the grill.
  • Heaven is only a boiled election.
  • Friendly deaths ease tensions of the back.
  • Unhappiness is the author of fantastic airplanes.
  • Pebbles turn into waterfalls.
  • The public hemline moves so casually that a guide to the golden game is useless.